Ascot Racecoure

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The small town of Ascot, which is found in East Berkshire just 40 km west of London, is home to one of the United Kingdom’s premier horse racing tracks. The track has a rich history dating back to August 11th 1771 when the first race was held. Additionally, the track is considered quite prestigious as it has close ties with the British Royal Family in part due to it’s close proximity to Windsor Castle. A trip to this racecourse provides visitors with a unique taste of history, culture, and excitement.


Important Dates

Formal thoroughbred races are held between the months of May and October. The Royal Ascot, which is the track’s most well known and attended event, starts on Tuesday June 14th and ends on Saturday June 18th. Also, Champions Day, which the most premiere race day in all of England, is on Saturday October 15th.

Royal Ascot

A week long event showcasing food, style, and racing, The Royal Ascot is world renowned. Three enclosures are available to guests to participate in the fun and enjoy the races. The Royal Enclosure is available to the Royal meeting and is by invitation only. The Queen Anne Enclosure or “Grandstand” allows guests the chance to really be in the mix of all the daily activities. The Windsor Enclosure offers a close up view to the Royal Procession and racing.

Champions Day

Champions Day is the final day of the European flat racing season. In contrast to the Royal Ascot, this race is purely known for talent. Style, food, and prestige all take a backseat to some of the best horses and jockeys in the entire world.

Other Events

The Royal Ascot and Champions Day aren’t the only opportunities to experience Ascot. The track offers various themed races and events throughout the season. Weekend race events are held monthly. Additionally, the track offers cinema, festival, and holiday events all associated with racing.

When booking a trip to Ascot, it’s important to plan ahead. Tickets and accommodation should be purchased in advance.